Help us understand experiences of pre-hospital ambulance care for Māori

Jul 26, 2022 | Ambulance


We would like to understand the experiences of Māori who received care from St John Ambulance staff for heart symptoms (chest pain, shortness of breath, racing heart) in the Auckland or Northland region between January 2018 and January 2024, and/or their whānau.


It involves a 30-60 minute interview with a researcher either in person, over the phone or by Zoom. 

Questions include:

  • What went well and what didn’t
  • How can we improve training for ambulance staff


Please contact Sarah Penney on 09 921 9999 ext. 5587 or for more information.

Other important information

  • This study is part of Sarah Penney’s Master’s degree. Dr Bridget Dicker and Associate Professor Matire Harwood are co-investigators/supervisors
  • Everything you say will be made anonymous and your details are confidential
  • The study is approved by Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee Application 21/388
  • A koha ($50 supermarket voucher) is provided in thanks for your time
  • This project is part of a bigger study to improve heart-health outcomes for Maori and Pacific people 

This study sits within the Manwataki Fatu Fatu programme of research – for more information see


 Sarah Penney on 09 921 9999 ext. 5587 or